19 essential services your B2B PR agency must promise you

TL;DR 19 essential Services B2B PR agencies Should deliver

They start your B2B PR with a strategy

Developing a comprehensive B2B public relations strategy should be the first order of business for any B2B pr consultancy. Their B2B pr strategy must align with your business objectives and ambitions, as well as target market and marketing plans. So, look for an agency that is versed in marketing strategy as well as research, brand building and lead generation campaigns.

Understanding your market, segments and customers is key to driving maximum value from both B2B pr and marketing, so research should always be part of B2B pr services. The aim is twofold. Firstly, it is to understand where your customers go to get the information, guidance and opinions that help them to shape their purchasing plans. Secondly it is to uncover the messages that they need to hear from you.

They plan your B2B public relations plan campaigns carefully

Once the guesswork has been removed, your prospective B2B PR firm can begin to work with you to plan your B2B public relations campaign and your analyst and influencers relations (AIR) campaign.

The best B2B public relations strategies result in a comprehensive B2B public relations brief designed to achieve your public relations goals. The B2B PR firm you select should have designed the brief to closely align with your brand growth and sales goals. The brief should lay out your media plan based a month-by-month calendar of b-to-b activities across your target media channels, complete with actionable objectives and tactics.

They cover ALL of your stakeholders in your B2B public relations

B2B media relations are essential in any brand building B2B public relations campaign and the B2B communications firm that you work with should help you to grow them. This starts with identifying the B2B media that influences your customers and can help you to grow your brand. 

Your B2B marketing communications agency should be able to cultivate relationships with all your public stakeholders including journalists, industry influencers, analysts and community leaders. They should also be able to help you influence internal stakeholders such as investors, employees and resellers.

Building rapport and credibility with these stakeholders facilitates media opportunities and amplifies your brand message. Over time your target B2B media will learn to trust that your pitch-perfect stories from your B2B pr campaigns are relevant to them which will increase your coverage.  

They build a strong messaging platform for your B2B PR

Effective B2B PR is about great storytelling. Whichever B2B communications firm you work with must craft an engaging identity and brand narrative that drives brand growth and sales success. 

That doesn’t mean starting from scratch. The most powerful PR messaging development process builds on your core brand messages and values to create a compelling communications platform for your brand. 

If you don’t have your core messages mapped out, you will need to find a B2B brand agency that can help you define them.

The clarity and consistency this brings to your brand will create an engaging story that no other brand can own and that engages media, analysts, influencers and colleagues as much as it engages your customers. 

They report the effectiveness of their B2B PR campaigns

Reporting helps you to keep your B2B pr campaign on track and continually improve your PR programme and its impact on your brand and sales. Your B2B media relations programme needs to include key metrics from the planning stage and must measure the outputs and outcomes that are being delivered. The resulting insight and data-backed decisions help to continuously refine your campaign.

The old days of measuring column inches and reporting spurious advertising equivalences are long gone. 

Since B2B media relations now extend beyond traditional media your B2B PR agency must measure across channels. You’ll want to see PR metrics such as media mentions, audience reach, website traffic and sentiment in the short term. 

Over the long term, brand growth metrics such as Power of Voice, Share of Conversation and Brand Reach will improve as will impact on lead generation and opportunity close rates.

They monitor B2B media coverage of you and your competitors

Drawing representing a man in a B2B PR agency monitoring media

Carefully collated and analysed effectiveness data will help the B2B pr company that you work with to monitor your media performance and your competitors. This also involves tracking mentions in traditional media outlets, online publications, blogs and social media platforms.

This will uncover trending B2B media topics, competitor messaging and themes making you more responsive to shifts in media interest. It will also reveal customer, media, analyst and influencer sentiment towards your brand that can inform your B2B pr strategy.

Media monitoring also helps with reputation management, ensuring that you pot problems early and react quickly. 

They provide a coverage generating B2B newsroom service

Newsroom services are essential in business-to-business PR. They provide a B2B public relations interface between you and your target media. A well-run newsroom will field questions, manage requests for interviews and quotes from B2B media and take care of demo stock and promotional items. It should also distribute content to the media. 

The newsroom also develops your standard press kit (things like executive bios, imagery, brochures etc.) and the press kits that support your investment in activities such as B2B trade shows, market research, white papers and much more. 

All of which frees your team to execute your lead generation campaigns.

They make sure you are in the right B2B PR conversations

A strong B2B communications firm will work with the key teams in your business to create a list of the topics and themes that you want your customers to know about. They should work with you to identify the stories that you need to get across. 

Working within your PR strategy your chosen B2B pr consultancy should also look at the best channels, formats and media to bring these to the fore, producing integrated full-flood brand building B2B public relations campaigns rather than one-splash wonders.

They don’t just rely on editorial calendars when planning B2B PR campaigns

Young woman on the phone at a B2B PR Agency pitching a story

No B2B pr agency should rely just on story-hooks and editorial calendars to connect with a journalist. Indeed, pressurised B2B journalists and analysts welcome ideas for stories and features that they are working on as well as new concepts. 

So, an important part of the work of a B2B pr company is developing background research packs to ensure that you are part of the conversation by supporting journalists while they are developing stories and features.

Another essential B2B pr service is creative and proactive pitching of stories to produce coverage. Story ideation, placing them in the right media and sometimes even writing them as well, is something every B2B public relations agency thrives upon.

They include Analyst & Influencer Relations (AIR) in their B2B PR plans

Analysts and influencers play a vital role in the B2B market. Their opinions influence purchasing decisions, inform vendor strategy, help to guide business strategy and are quoted in the media.

They can make the difference between success and failure. Your B2B pr consultancy should identify the ones that matter to your customers and drive a brand building B2B public relations campaign to engage them.

It’s important that your B2B pr firm doesn’t treat analyst and influencer relations as an afterthought to your B2B pr and marketing campaigns. At the B2B PR strategy and planning stage they should identify the most important analysts and influencers for your brand and initiate and grow relationships so that your product is included in their opinions and analyses.

Your analyst and influencer relations (AIR) programmes must be fully integrated with your wider brand, communications & promotion campaigns to deliver value to sales, marketing and brand growth campaigns.

They manage crises for you with SMART B2B PR

The modern business environment is full of potential threats: technology can fail, engineers can make mistakes and cybercrime is on the rise. Which means that crisis management is an important part of B2B public relations.

At the same time, customers are increasingly active on social media, more privacy aware and more vocal than ever before. Activism can turn a misstep into a crisis for your brand.

The B2B PR services your vendor offers should include risk assessment, preparedness planning, reputation management, media and social listening and analysis to mitigate and manage potential crisis scenarios.

And if your world should come crashing down, they should have a robust crisis communication plan built using the SMART framework to deal with everything from media enquiries to social media agitation.

Their experience in triage, co-ordination, internal and external communication management, fallout messaging and response must ensure that negative narrative is replaced with positive sentiment.

They also manage social media PR

Brand building B2B public relations campaigns and social media go hand-in-hand. Your B2B public relations agencies should exploit social media PR to build your brand fame with a wider audience. 

From influence mapping to content that builds brand fame, the B2B pr company that you work with should create social campaigns that reinforce and supplement both brand building and lead generation marketing. 

Social B2B PR need a deep understanding of B2B markets and audiences to focus on the social media channels, content and messages that will deliver the biggest impact for your brand.

They should start with social media audits to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your social media campaigns. The B2B public relations agency should also Identify areas for improvement, capitalise on strengths and align your social media strategy with your overall goals.

A fully integrated social media plan will magnify your PR campaigns as well as your brand building and lead generation campaigns. Consistent messaging will enhance your positioning and distribute your content more widely and extend the reach of your promotional actions.

The result should be B2B pr campaigns that spark interest, inspire engagement, and motivate customers to take meaningful actions. Convert their engagement into tangible outcomes that enhance your brand and generate leads.

They build high-quality content that works top, middle and bottom of your funnel

Woman sat at a desk behind laptop. Ides for B2B PR content creation are pinned to the wall behind her.

Your B2B PR agency should be capable of producing high-quality content that supports your PR and marketing strategy.

This means creating content that reflects what your target B2B media and customers wants to consume, in formats that are engaging for the audience and delivered through the channels that they use.

There is a wide variety of formats available to B2B pr firms including print, digital, audio, video so they must understand how content works across media. They must also understand how it integrates with your marketing campaigns.

Their B2B pr services should also include distribution and promotion of content as well as knowing how to sweat and reuse the assts in a variety of formats.

They use modern SEO techniques when building content

There is no doubt that search marketing is a vital part of any B2B brand building public relations campaign. Gartner states that 27% of a B2B buying committee’s time is spent researching online, while World Business Research says that buyers usually don’t connect with sales until they are more than 55% of the way through their buying process.

The challenge for B2B brands is to be prominent in search query results. Many brands have tried to barge their way onto page one of the listings by generating large amounts of content targeted at key words and phrases.

But that content needs to be discoverable, which it won’t be unless search engine algorithms serve it up.

This is where brand building B2B public relations comes in. Reputable news sites are seen by search engines as providing good quality, unbiased information. So, those that link to your site ‘lend’ some of their credibility to you.

It’s quality by association and it helps your content to appear higher up in search results.

They help you to win industry awards

Winning awards supports the building of your brand awareness and credibility and helps to create saliency and authority with media, customer and employees.
Your B2B PR firm should research your markets and segments to identify the most important awards and then help you to create entries that inform, excite and win. Then they’ll need to work with you to promote your success in a way that appeals to customers, prospects and potential employees.

They establish you as opinion formers and thought leaders

An important part of the work of a B2B communications firm is to establish their clients as thought leaders. They should do this by positioning key executives and subject matter experts as thought leaders in their industry through speaking engagements, contributed articles and media interviews.

They’ll also need to work with your leadership team to develop thought provoking content that can be delivered via webinars and seminars, videos, podcasts and in written form.

They leverage and maximise your wider marketing activities

Many B2B brands invest heavily in events such as conferences, product launches, roadshows, trade shows, and webinars to generate buzz and promote their brand.

A good B2B marketing communications agency will work with you to leverage the PR and content value of these events. This can involve creating media interest and even participation in them.

They don’t obsess over press releases

Press releases are a minor part of the work of any B2B media relations firm. Outside of investor relations, their use is mostly confined to SEO content and short form coverage on trade media websites. The real art of B2B PR campaigns lies in creating newsworthy stories and events that feature prominently in trade media.

Frequently asked questions about B2B PR


Drawing of people sitting on the letters FAQ

B2B PR, or Business-to-Business Public Relations, offers numerous benefits that can significantly impact a company’s position in the market, its reputation among peers, and its bottom line. Here’s an overview of the key benefits a B2B PR agency can provide:

  1. Enhanced Brand Awareness
  2. Established Credibility and Trust
  3. Positioning as an Industry Leader
  4. Supporting Lead Generation and Sales
  5. Improved SEO and Online Presence
  6. Strategic Networking Opportunities
  7. Crisis Management and Reputation Control
  8. Market Differentiation
  9. Attracting Talent
  10. Investor Interest

As this article says, a B2B PR agency professional carries out a wide range of activities but they would always pay most attention to:

  1. Strategic planning and advice
  2. Brand building and reputation management
  3. Increasing the ability of your brand to sell

The role of Public Relations (PR) in B2B marketing has many facets and is integral to the overall marketing strategy of any business-to-business company.

PR in the B2B context goes beyond just media relations and press releases; it encompasses brand building, thought leadership, content creation, and strategic communication with all stakeholders. Here’s a list of how a B2B PR agency would work within your B2B marketing strategy:

  1. Brand Building and Reputation Management
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Content Strategy and Distribution
  4. Media Relations
  5. Crisis Management
  6. Supporting Sales and Lead Generation
  7. Stakeholder Engagement
  8. Market Research and Insight
  9. Event Management

In essence, PR is an essential component of the B2B marketing mix, serving not only to enhance brand visibility and reputation but also to facilitate direct business objectives such as lead generation, sales support, and stakeholder engagement. Through strategic communication and content, PR in B2B marketing helps businesses establish meaningful connections with their target audiences, setting the stage for long-term success and growth.

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