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AI generated image of the globe with areas of light representing financial centres and bright lines indicating the networks that run between them - core elements in this case study about B2B PR Building Messages for Messaging systems.
Case Study

Building the messages for messaging with thought leadership

A medium-sized developer of bespoke software had built a successful company creating applications for a variety of customers but needed to establish a more forecastable business. Through a thought leadership campaign that was designed to target customers and partners, they were able to own a niche in two desirable markets.

Seagulls in a blue sky representing the migration story behind this case study about using B2B thought leadership to build a brand extension
Case Study

Using thought leadership to build a powerful brand extension

Entering a new market is correctly regarded as being a risky venture. However, if your new market is adjacent to one in which you are well known, your risk is reduced because of your brand fame. This is how our earlier work was transformed into a thought leadership bridgehead in a new market with effective B2B PR and a powerful content campaign.

A man plugging network cables into an ethernet switch. Demonstrating the need to create a new category of servers via B2B PR and content
Case Study

Creating a new category with thought leadership

Innovations are sometimes so disruptive that they cannot be successful unless an entirely new category is created around them. Here’s how strategy, B2B PR and content launched a struggling but exciting product for a leading supplier of network hardware by creating a new category.

A row of seedling being watered to depict how B2B PR and content campaigns increase revenue and grow pipelines by growing brand fame and brand equity
PR Campaigns

The Essential Role of B2B PR in Growing Brand Equity and Revenue

Does this sound familiar? You’re running a B2B enterprise in a highly competitive marketplace, constantly vying for market share and profitable sales, looking for ways to generate leads, grow revenue and break out of famine and feast sales-cycles. Most B2B brands have this problem. But maybe there is a better way.

A large antiquated engine in a shed represents search engines
PR Tactics

Why SEO Centered B2B PR Matters to You

Search engine oriented B2B PR has a greater role than simply supplying searchable, findable content. Modern B2B PR requires targeted distribution and sharing of relevant content that makes authoritative, highly ranked sites want to share your news and content and link back to you.

A pile of brightly covered jigsaw pieces representing the need for an adaptive B2B PR strategy
PR Strategy

Why You Need An Adaptive B2B PR Strategy

Successful B2B marketing strategy is about evolutionary refinement. Established businesses rarely overhaul their strategies entirely; they adapt through iterative adjustments triggered by emerging challenges.

Golden swirls represent the Golden Proportions used in artistic composition. Here they represent the relative proportions of a B2B marketing budget
PR Strategy

There is an absolute golden rule for B2B marketing budgets

A golden ratio for B2B marketing budget allocation doesn’t exist. While the 60:40 ratio has prompted B2B marketers to think more critically about budget allocation, it shouldn’t be adopted blindly. Instead, B2B marketers should tailor their strategies based on their unique circumstances

Join the hundreds of people who get new B2B PR and content ideas every two weeks.

Your data will never be shared or sold. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy

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