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Tell Your Story Loudly

Grow a famous brand with Attention Grabbing B2B PR Content

Build Awareness, importance, leadership and memorability

The best content engages, informs, entertains and inspires.

It builds your presence. It increases your awareness. It grows trust and credibility.

You stick in your customers' memory.

And when your customers are ready to buy, they remember you

We know how to tell your stories in the right media, through the right channels and land them at the right time.

Give your audiences trust and confidence in your brand, reduce risk perception and increase preference over unfamiliar alternatives and to generate

Top-of-mind awareness
Create a competitive advantage by being the easy to recall preferred option when your customers enter buying mode
Shorter sales-cycles and lower marketing costs
When customers decide to act they will already understand how your brand’s strengths, values and offerings align with their needs, goals, and values.
Increased perceptions of quality
Brand fame creates associations with higher quality products or services.
Higher-value perception
Make it easier to maintain your price and margins.
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Integrated Content Marketing

A single piece of top-quality content will only take you so far. You need a fully integrated campaign that includes a mix of assets in multiple media landed through multiple channels.

Our content work starts with your strategy and the campaign platform and is designed to support your audiences’ journeys at every stage be they customers, partners, new talent or investors.

We select the best resources for each project and create and curate content making sure that it adheres to your brand and supports and achieves your strategic goal.

Plus with our B2B PR services and our brand fame building heritage we are ideally positioned to promote and distribute your content to your widest possible audience.

Build your brand fame with a complete content strategy

Set objectives and goals

We’ll help you to define what you need your content to achieve for you. It could be increased sales; it could be better alignment with channel partners. It might be improved thought leadership.

Then we’ll help to define what success looks like to know when you have achieved it via OKRs or KPIs.

Analyse your competition

We’ll decode your competitors’ content plans to help you to develop your own unique strategy. You’ll also uncover valuable insights into their targeting, positioning and key messages.

Research your audiences

Fostering a deeper understanding of your target audiences enables more effective communications and enhances brand connection.

And you’ll be able to guide the strategic creation of content across all of your marketing partners to enhance customers’ journeys by supporting them with the right information at each stage.

Be more distinctive

Develop an authentic, relevant and distinctive identity that resonates with your stakeholders and elevates your brand’s profile.

You’ll standout from your competition by articulating your proposition with clarity and relevance and establish trust and credibility by providing valuable, credible and relevant content.

Discover your gaps and close them

Discover what’s missing and what could be improved.

We’ll audit your current content and your content development plan against your audience personas and work out what you need to provide at each stage of their journeys, how you will provide it and in what formats.

We cover every part of the marketing, sales and recruitment funnels both on and offline.

Promotion and distribution

We’ll craft a multichannel marketing strategy that promotes your content through the platforms where your customers gather.

We can also make it sweat by repurposing it for social media, email, influencer outreach, advertising and much more.

Engage audiences with high-value content

Content that gets you noticed, keeps your customers aware and reduces buying-cycles is an essential part of B2B PR campaigns.

Make sure that your content campaigns are aligned with your brand strategy and your sales activation marketing.

We’ll help you to decide what content is right for your audience and your brand throughout your marketing and sales funnel.

Grab attention with Fame building B2B PR and content campaigns

We’ll help you to stand out with outstanding B2B PR and content campaigns that build presence, increase awareness and create the brand fame that generates sales.

Establish your position and maintain awareness in your customer’s minds until they are ready to buy and then support them through their buying journey.

Convince B2B Customers with case studies

Case studies that highlight real-world examples of how you have helped other B2B companies build trust by demonstrating your positive impact on them.

Prove to your prospective B2B buyers how your offering can address their needs and challenges with detailed narratives that illustrate use cases relevant to their situation.

Help prospective customers to mitigate risk by providing evidence of successful implementations, reducing uncertainty for buyers.

The full range of Tactical B2B Content Services


Engage audiences with compelling and relevant easy to absorb videos
Create videos that tell your story, increase engagement and drive understanding. From concept to distribution, we’ll unlock the full potential of video marketing for you.


Sharp, well-written high quality editorial content
Compelling content that engages and drives results. From sharp content campaign copy to in-depth interactive features, and newsletters we’ll craft content that your audience wants to consume


Everything from clever headlines to motivating emails
From pithy campaign headlines to social media posts, email sequences, blog posts and web page copy. Work with copywriters who deliver words that engage, convince and convert.


Bold visions, brilliant ideas and technical nouse
We will turn your brief into captivating visuals and create a unique style for your brand. If you haven't got your brief nailed down, we can help with that as well.


Photos with punch
From arresting portraits, through corporate headshots and onsite reportage to editorial photographs we only use the best to deliver photography with impact.


Imagery with real imagination
We have a global network of established illustrators and breakout creators, so we can find the perfect fit for your print, animation, presentation and digital needs.


Not down, not out and forever effective
Still golden, even in the digital era. Everything from massive posters, to pop-up banners, to flysheets, brochures, self mailers and video mailers and mail shots.

Social Content

There's more to social than Facebook and X
We have the expertise to post, blog and comment regularly on the business socials, forums and community sites that your stakeholders read.


Campaigns and sequences that convert
Compelling copy, attractive design, persona-led segmentationand landing page content. Launching, nurturing or closing our EMail content simply works.


B2B Events that build relationships and authority
Webinars, seminars, launch events and kick-offs. Roundtables, roadshows and executive briefings and retreats. A treasure trove of content to build authority and relationships.

Famous Brands Sell More For More​

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Engage with High-Value Content

Engaging & engrossing content of all Kinds

No matter who your target is, we’ll produce content that ensures that they are aware and engaged and that supports their whole customer journey.

From go-to-market to long-term brand building B2B PR campaigns, we’re able to design, produce and promote content that builds awareness, salience and preference.

Plus we take localisation beyond mere translation: our pan-EMEA network ensures copy, creative and cultural relevance.

Your Deliverables

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Content amplification
  • Copywriting
  • Creative
  • Brand storytelling

High-value B2B content

Funnel Support

We’ll work with you to understand how your customers buy, their category entry points and what they need along their buying journey. Together we’ll define a sales and marketing funnel support plan that uses B2B PR content & campaigns to grow revenue and market share.

Your Deliverables

  • Funnel map
  • Nurturing plan
  • Content plan
  • Content creation
  • Sales and channel enablement

High-value Thought Leadership content

Research Driven Thought Leadership

Research-led thought leadership drives audience interest and engagement, media coverage and brand authority and distinctiveness.

It provides a rich seam of content that can be re-purposed and activated across all of your media and channels.

We can help you to create the campaign from initial concept to research and analysis through to content distribution and promotion.

We can also help you to deliver the content at events such as webinars and seminars, promote it through speaking opportunities, turn it into sales tools and use multiple times through social media.

Your Deliverables

  • Topics and themes discovery
  • Research design
  • Panel selection
  • Execution online and via interviews
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Content plan
  • Content creation
  • Distribution & promotion
  • Sales and channel enablement

High-value B2B content

Industry Awards

Winning awards supports the building of your brand awareness and credibility and helps to create saliency and authority with media, customer and employees.

We’ll research your markets and segments to identify the most important awards and then help you to create entries that inform, excite and win. 

Then we’ll deliver a B2B PR campaign to promote your success in a way that appeals to customers, prospects and potential employees.

Your Deliverables

  • Award identification and research
  • Collection of evidence and proof
  • Supporting customer statements
  • Preparation of the draft
  • Post-award promotion

B2B PR Campaigns

High-impact B2B PR Awareness Campaigns

Build your B2B brand through strategic storytelling and media relations that elevates your brand’s profile and authority in the industry.

Use compelling messages that resonate with your most important targets to significantly grow brand visibility, reputation and trust.

Leverage a carefully constructed long-lasting PR platform and integrated multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns that deliver your brand story clearly and consistently to your target market.

Your Deliverables

  • Strategy services
  • Campaign ideation
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Campaign creatives
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting

Convince Customers With Case Studies​

Case Studies

Showcase your success with tangible evidence of the value you can deliver.

Vox Publica creates case studies that illustrate your success and can be exploited in multiple forms across multiple channels.

We can build case studies in written format, video and audio. We can repurpose them for your website, as blogs and as editorial. We can slice them for social media campaigns, prepare them for email and make them available for your resellers. And we can edit them into testimonials for sales emails and proposal templates

Plus we can produce Win Reports based on them so that your direct and indirect sales teams can learn how the deal was won.

Your Deliverables

  • Research
  • Customer interviews
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Video and audio production
  • Copywriting, design and illustration
  • Repurposing
  • Distribution and promotion

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