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Let's make you irresistible

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It creates certainty for your customers. It creates competitive advantage for your marketing and sales teams. It has its own financial value.

Our job is to use B2B PR to increase the power of your brand in order to grow its value for you, its importance to your stakeholders and its ability to generate sales over the long and short-term.

To do that we’ll think differently about your B2B PR strategy. We’ll challenge you – in a good way – and we may even show you some uncomfortable truths.

But together we’ll co-create an irresistible B2B PR strategy and a famous brand.

One that is distinctive, memorable and important to your stakeholders.

And one that drives long-term growth while making it easier for your sales team to engage and close prospects.

B2B PR Strategy

If you want to build a brand that is authentic, relevant to your customers and stands out you need a B2B PR strategy that is built upon strong foundations.

The start is a detailed research and diagnosis of your current situation, understanding your history and uncovering your aspirations for your company and your brand.

With deep understanding of your competition and stakeholders you’ll understand their personas, their buying journeys, how to align your marketing funnels and how to make yourself distinctive and memorable. 

As clients that have mature marketing plans may not need everything we can offer, while start-ups and scale-ups may need more, our B2B PR strategy discovery process is modular.

B2B PR Media Planning

Media relations are essential in any fame building B2B public relations campaign and we’ll help you to grow them. We’ll identify the media that influence your customers to bring brand building results. Over time your target B2B media will learn to trust that your pitch-perfect stories are relevant to them which will increase your coverage.

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

Develop an authentic, relevant and distinctive B2B PR identity that resonants with your stakeholders. 

Elevate your brand’s profile and position in the market and drive more meaningful engagements with target audiences.

Stand out in a competitive landscape, foster trust among stakeholders and drive the achievement of business objectives.

B2B PR Impact Measurement

Launching, monitoring, and continuously improving your B2B PR strategy to ensure internal and external audiences are engaged for business success.

Famous Brands Sell More For More​

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Common questions about B2B PR strategy and brand building

In our opinion brand building in a recession is essential for three reasons.

First, your competitors will be cutting back on their marketing investments so you’ll be able to build a more prominent brand. When the economic downturn ends you’ll be in a far better position then they will.

Second, your customers will still be spending, though at a slower rate and with smaller budgets so you’ll need to work harder to win and keep them.

Third, research has shown that companies that don’t maintain investment in brand building lose market share and sales over the long term compared with those that do.

B2B PR has been shown to be a very cost effective way to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead of them making it ideal in a downturn.

Logos form part of your visual identity, a component of your overall brand code. Visual identity is an important component since it helps to create memory associations between your company and the benefit you offer your customers.

However, it is only one small part of defining your brand and it should only take up a small part of your brand building budget. More important are the messages that you deliver, where you deliver them and how you say them.

This is where B2B PR comes in. B2B PR has the power to create long-lasting awareness of your brand and preference for what you are selling. And that awareness and preference is what grows your company.

To create a brand that is known, understood and remembered by your customers and prospects requires consistency over many years.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t win customers in the meanwhile, but it does mean that while you are building your brand fame you will need to invest far more in acquisition marketing than you otherwise might.

Strong well-known brands spend far less on acquisition marketing and have much lower conversion costs. Investing in brand building B2B PR will deliver a higher rate of return over the medium to long-term than short-term tactics such as PPC advertising

That will depend on your business and your unique situation.

In general startups will be more focused on generating short-term revenue and cash flows in order to reduce burn rates and get to profitability. They should allocate the larger proportion of their budget to acquisition marketing and the smaller proportion to brand building.

However, as the company matures and starts to reach breakeven, it will need a longer-term brand strategy and will need to shift investment in expensive acquisition marketing to more cost-effective brand marketing such as B2B PR in order to reduce the costs to acquire sales, shorten the sales-cycle and grow margins.

This blog post will give you more informationmore information on budget allocation.

There are agencies that publish brand value reports that claim to place a monetary value on a brand. While they make interesting and ego-stroking reading, the truth is that a brand is only worth what someone will pay for it.

That means you really only discover the value of the brand when you come to sell the brand or the company. At that point you find out how large a premium someone will pay to own your brand over an above the book value of your tangible and intangible assets.

“Of all the things that your company owns, brands are far and away the most important and the toughest.” says Jim Mullen CEO of the Reach plc. “Founders die. Factories burn down. Machinery wears out. Inventories get depleted. Technology becomes obsolete. Brand loyalty is the only sound foundation on which business leaders can build enduring, profitable growth.”

So, a company’s primary value will not be the assets listed on its balance sheet but its customer list, its relationship with those customers, its reputation in its market and its ability to attract and keep customers.

Investing in your B2B brand using strategies like PR , to improve its image, its positioning and its reach may often yield better results than investing in other ways, like buying new equipment.

B2B PR Strategy foundations

B2B PR targeting & positioning

Trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for failure. While it’s natural to want to sell to everybody, if you spread yourself too thin you’ll end up missing far more opportunities. 

Together we’ll prioritise the most attractive segments and targets based on your organisational and marketing objectives. 

Utilising quantitative and qualitative data, original and 3rd-party research and stakeholder interviews, we’ll help you to position your product across a number of dimensions and identify your winning combinations and your best target customers. 

Your Deliverables

Targeting plan

Positioning plan

B2B PR Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Understand your competitors’ B2B PR strategy and campaigns to help you to develop your own unique strategy. You’ll also uncover valuable insights into their targeting, positioning and key messages.

Your Deliverables

  • Messages
  • Targeted media
  • Targeted trade shows
  • Derived media and stakeholder sentiment
  • Targeting, positioning and messaging

B2B PR Strategy

Stakeholder Research

Knowing your stakeholders is essential to generating a successful B2B PR campaign.

Through thorough research third-party research and in-depth interviews you’ll discover:

  • What your stakeholders think about you
  • How they feel about your competitors
  • Who influences them
  • Where they get their information
  • How they buy
  • What they need and aspire to
  • Concerns and Category Entry Points

Combine this with elements from our brand impact service, to get a clearer idea of how your market may evolve.

Your Deliverables

Qualitative stakeholder research including 3rd-party and interview panel data covering opinions and sentiment, influences and information sources, needs and aspirations plus concerns and CEPs

B2B PR Strategy

Persona Development

Foster a deeper understanding of your target audiences and enable more effective communications and enhance brand connection.

  • Enhance targeting and personalisation to significantly improve the effectiveness of communications
  • Guide the strategic creation of content across all of your marketing partners
  • Improve media relations by ensuring that pitches are relevant to their audiences
  • Enhance customers’ journeys by supporting them at key touchpoints and pain points with the right information at each stage
  • Standout from your competition by articulating your proposition with clarity and relevance
  • Establish trust and credibility by providing valuable, credible and relevant content

Your Deliverables

  • Jobs-to-be-done analysis
  • Trade association memberships
  • Key trade shows
  • Consumed media (e.g. press, blogs, video channels, podcasts)
  • Influences (e.g. commentators, analysts, key industry figures)
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Concerns and CEPs

B2B PR Strategy

Customer Journey Map

Understanding the buyer’s journey for each persona involved in buying your product and service enables you to tailor their PR and content plans to each step. 

From awareness through consideration to decision you’ll identify key touchpoints, pain points, and information needs at each stage.

This allows for the creation of targeted PR and content campaigns that move prospects through the funnel effectively with messaging that is relevant and impactful, regardless of where they are in their purchasing journey.

Your Deliverables

  • Customer journey map
  • Funnel description with buyer personas mapped to it

B2B PR Strategy

Strategy Alignment Workshop

Align your marketing, sales, HR and customer support teams on key aspects of your B2B PR strategy.

By uniting on target geographies, segments, personas, messaging, channels, tactics and metrics for success, your internal stakeholders will be able to unify behind your PR strategy. 

This maximises the effectiveness of PR efforts, ultimately creating shared goals and enhancing overall organisational performance.

The workshop takes place over two sessions with second happening after the Strategy Validation phase and designed to refine it based on the feedback of stakeholders.

Your Deliverables

An agreed B2B PR strategy that covers:

  • Geographies, Segments and Personas
  • Messaging, Channels, Tactics and Campaigns
  • Metrics for measuring success

B2B PR Strategy

B2B PR Strategy Validation

As many people have said in the past: no plan survives its first contact with reality. 

Avoid costly mistakes by validating your B2B PR strategy before you take it to market.

We take the output of your Strategy Alignment workshop to panels of representatives from your target stakeholder groups to gather their input and opinions. 

Their feedback is used in the second part of the Alignment Workshops to refine your strategy before its launch.

Your Deliverables

  • Feedback report
  • Input into second session of the Alignment Workshop
  • Revised documented B2B PR strategy

B2B PR Campaign Planning

B2B Public relations research

Understand your market, segments and customers and drive the maximum value from B2B public relations.

Included in our B2B PR strategy service, this discrete PR project will help you to understand where your customers go to get the information, guidance and opinions that help them to shape their purchasing plans.

The resulting list of media, influencers, analysts and trade shows will help you more tightly target your B2B PR plans and your advertising spend.

Your Deliverables

A comprehensive and clearly defined list of the media, analysts and influencers and trade shows with which you need to engage in order to grow your brand fame.

B2B PR Media Planning

B2B Public Relations Campaign Plans

Plan your public relations, press, analyst and influencers campaign based on your new understanding of your target media.

It begins by understanding your business ambitions. From their we’ll refine the PR brief and align it with your brand growth and sales goals.

Then based on our joint understanding of your customers, we’ll lay out your media plan based on actionable objectives and tactics.

Your Deliverables

  • Campaign brief with objectives and goals
  • Campaign plans to achieve those goals
  • Month-by-month PESO calendar for each campaign
  • Content and creative requirements list

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

B2B PR Messaging Platform

Build a well-defined messaging platform to ensure consistency across all your B2B PR materials and campaigns.

Reinforce your brand’s core messages at every touchpoint to build brand recognition and recall, making it easier for the target audience to understand and remember your brand at category entry points.

Your Deliverables

  • Brand positioning statement
  • Elevator pitch by persona
  • Core messaging pillars or themes
  • Key messages tailored to different personas
  • Supporting evidence or proof points
  • Responses to common objections or concerns
  • Guidelines for adapting messaging to different stages of your buyer’s journey

B2B PR Media Strategy

Public relations media monitoring

Monitor your media performance and that of your competitors.

Track your media performance with meaningful metrics that generate insights to identify coverage drivers and white space opportunities and refine your messaging. 

Discover trending media topics, competitor messaging and themes to become more responsive to shifts in media interest.

Your Deliverables

Monthly and quarterly reports covering

  • Power of Voice
  • Share of Conversation
  • Brand Reach
  • Customer media, analyst and influencer sentiment
  • Competitor activity
  • Emerging trends and themes

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

Brand Story Definition

Craft a compelling brand story that articulates your brand’s history, mission, values and evolution that creates a narrative that people can connect with on an emotional level.

Build a B2B PR foundation for all communications that differentiates your brand in a crowded market and fosters a deeper connection with your audience.

Your Deliverables

  • Brand mission statement
  • Core values and principles
  • Origin story or founding narrative
  • Narrative framework for brand storytelling across different channels

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

Brand Voice and Tone

Define a consistent brand voice and tone that aligns with your brand’s personality and values and with the preferences of your target audiences.

Ensure that all communications are coherent and engaging. Whether authoritative, informative, or conversational, a well-defined voice and tone builds crucial trust and credibility with your audience.

Your Deliverables

  • Brand voice attribute guidelines
  • Defined range of tones for personas, messages and scenarios 
  • Style and grammar definition
  • Guidance for specific channels and formats

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

Verbal identity

Develop a unique verbal identity, including specific language, style, and jargon that resonate with the brand’s target audience.

Distinguish your brand communications from those of competitors and makes your brand’s content more recognisable and memorable, enhancing its impact in B2B PR campaigns.

Your Deliverables

  • Brand language and grammar guidelines
  • Glossary & jargon guide
  • Style guidelines

B2B PR Distinctiveness Plan

Internal Enablement

Drive your brand growth from the inside out.

Effect the internal changes needed to create belief in your brand both inside and outside your organisation.

Enable stakeholders such as colleagues, resellers, partners and marketing and sales vendors to live and breathe your distictiveness

Your Deliverables

Internal Content & Playbooks

Employer branding

Employee value proposition

Colleague enablement

Vendor enablement

B2B PR Brand Impact

Brand Impact monitoring

Measure the impact of B2B PR on your brand over time and adapt campaigns to increase brand value and equity and ensuring its continuing competitiveness.

We measure key brand metrics at the start and throughout your B2B PR campaign to assess its impact and drive corrective actions .

Your Deliverables

Annual brand insight report that highlights changes in:

  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Prompted & unprompted recall
  • Sentiment
  • Purchase intent
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Share of coverage
  • Share of Branded Search

B2B PR Impact Measurement

B2B Public relations measurement

Keep your media, analysts and influencer campaigns on track to continually improve your B2B PR programme and increase its impact on your brand and sales.

Compare the before and after by benchmarking key metrics at the planning stage and measure the outputs and outcomes that are being delivered.

Use the resulting insight and data-backed decisions to continuously refine your campaigns.

Your Deliverables

Quarterly and annual reports that measure ongoing changes in:

  • Power of Voice
  • Share of Conversation
  • Brand Reach
  • Customer media, analyst and influencer sentiment


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