A set of drawings representing the results of various fame building B2B Public Relations campaigns as interactions between a brand and the media. Including news, interviews and vlogs.

Do You Want People Talking About You?

Fame Building B2B Public Relations Campaigns That make sure they do

You can’t make your brand famous without publicity which is why Vox Publica delivers fame building B2B public relations campaigns that get your brand talked and written about.

We use a combination of established and innovative B2B public relations practices, social media and influencers, events and content creation and distribution to make sure that you get heard, seen and read in a world of noisy and complex customer journeys. 

From B2B PR strategy and planning, through ideation, creation and execution, to measurement and insights we create impactful fame building B2B public relations campaigns that engage your customers.

Integrated B2B Public Relations Campaigns

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to B2B public relations campaigns. Different brands have different objectives, that require different campaigns, different communication channels and different messages in those channels.

That means that a cohesive and carefully coordinated approach is needed to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your B2B PR strategy.

But even more important than integration within your B2B public relations campaigns is the integration of your PR campaign with your brand, marketing and product campaigns as well as your and sales organisations.

Integration brings:

  • Consistent messaging across campaigns and channels that enhances brand clarity and reinforces key messages.
  • Holistic strategy that leverages multiple campaigns, channels and tactics to achieve your business goals.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness streamlines activities, reducing duplication of efforts,  resources and spend.
  • Agility to ensure that you adapt quickly to changing market conditions and emerging opportunities.
  • Brand cohesion that makes sure that all communications and interactions with stakeholders are aligned with the brand’s values, voice, and identity.

Vox Publica works hard to ensure that we integrate your B2B PR campaigns by eliminating silos and fostering collaboration to leverage and maximise the impact of your B2B PR efforts.

Awareness, Salience and Recall B2B Public Relations campaigns

Stand out with outstanding fame building B2B public relations campaigns that build your presence, increase awareness and create the brand fame that generates sales.

Build your position in your customer’s minds and maintain awareness until they are ready to buy with our integrated B2B public relations campaigns.

Launch and Go-to-Market B2B Public Relations

Drive awareness, credibility and engagement to create a successful launch or go-to-market with Vox Publica’s B2B public relations campaigns. Open doors to new relationships by connecting with journalists, influencers, potential partners and customers.

Create anticipation and awareness in the market ahead of time. Through use of compelling B2B PR tactics, Vox Publica gets your upcoming launch onto the radar of potential customers, industry influencers and other stakeholders.

Build credibility through engaging content that highlights your value and innovation. We work with early adopters, influencers and thought leaders to build credibility and use our B2B PR skills to get it in front of your target audience.

Educate your target audience to understand your new product or service, its benefits and its use cases. Taking new, innovative and disruptive offerings to market can be complex. Our launch and go-to-market service leverages B2B PR to ensure clarity and understanding.

Integrate broader industry trends, challenges and opportunities in the context of your launch and go-to-market and position your brand and your leaders as thought leaders and opinion formers and influence your market. 

Showcase your new offering and presence in your market with high-impact events. We can create owned events or leverage purchased opportunities to help you to interact with potential customers and stakeholders. You’ll also gather invaluable market feedback that ensures that your offering better meets customer needs and expectations.

Post-launch, Vox Publica’s B2B PR services play a critical role in monitoring the market’s response, managing feedback, and addressing any negative perceptions or misunderstanding. 

Sustain momentum beyond the initial launch or market entry. Our continuous B2B PR efforts, will build ongoing engagement with your target audience.

Thought Leadership B2B PR Campaigns

Establish thought leadership and build trust and credibility among stakeholders by positioning your brand as the experts in your industry.

Share valuable insights, trends and solutions to attract potential customers, differentiate yourselves from your competitors and influence purchasing decisions.

Build relationships with key stakeholders, enhance brand reputation and drive inbound leads.

Ultimately, you will strengthen your market presence and paves the way for long-term success in competitive industries.

Analyst & Influencer Relations (AIR) Campaigns

Educate and inform the analysts and influencers that play a vital role in your B2B market.

Shape the opinions that influence purchasing decisions, inform vendor strategy, help to guide business strategy and are quoted in the media.

Work with the analyst and influencers that matter to your customers with a fame building B2B public relations campaign to influence their opinion of your brand.

International B2B Public Relations Campaigns

International expansion needs more than mere transcreation; it requires fully fledged market entry B2B public relations campaigns that creates a sustainable platform for the future.

Think beyond language differences and develop an international B2B PR campaign based on regional differences in, for example, culture, industry issues, channel variations and media differences.

Choose a partner who can provide local touches to execute and manage regional, national and cross-border campaigns and the agencies that work on them.

Engrossing B2B Event and Experience Campaigns

Events and experiences remain one of the best ways to build brands, increase thought leadership and create new sales opportunities.

Create interest and engagement through kick-off and user group meetings; trade shows, seminars and conferences; roadshows, roundtables and webinars.

Social Media B2B Public Relations Campaigns

Fame building B2B public relations campaigns and social media go hand in hand.

We use it to build your brand fame with a wider audience.

From influence mapping to content that builds brand fame, we create social campaigns that reinforce and supplement both fame building and acquisition marketing.

More than social messaging platforms such as X (aka Twitter), Facebook and Instagram, we also work across professional networks such as LinkedIn and industry forums and review and recommendation sites.

B2B Reputation Management

Bad news travels fast. In today’s world where every citizen with an internet connection is a journalist, an influencer and an opinion former your reputation can take a hit in an instant.

Just a few negative online reviews, posts, tweets, or articles can cause enormous damage that may make potential customers, investors or employees wary.

And because your brand isn’t what you say it is, but what your stakeholders say it is, those few reputational hits can turn a drama into a crisis.

Protecting Your Reputation

We use our skills in planning, monitoring, B2B public relations campaigns and co-ordination to manage your reputation and influence your audience’s perceptions of your brand before that happens.

Working closely with your customer experience, sales, marketing and operations teams on we’ll ensure that negativity is nipped in the bud and positivity is promoted.

We’ll work to cultivate a strong brand reputation by focusing on:

  1. How others see you
  2. How you communicate
  3. How you respond


  • Reputation measurement and monitoring

  • Online review management

  • Social listening

  • Media monitoring

  • Forum engagement

  • Engagement advocacy

  • Coordinating with your internal team

  • Reporting and analyses

B2B Public Relations Crisis Management

The modern business environment is full of potential threats: technology can fail, engineers can make mistakes and cybercrime is on the rise.

At the same time, customers are increasingly active on social media, more privacy aware and more vocal than ever before. Activism can turn a misstep into a crisis for your brand.

We bring risk assessment, preparedness planning, reputation management, social listening and analysis to mitigate and manage potential crisis scenarios.

And if your world should come crashing down, we’ll deal with everything from media enquiries to social media agitation.

Our experience in triage, co-ordination, internal and external communication management, fallout messaging and response ensures that negative narrative is replaced with positive sentiment.

Coverage generating Newsroom Services

Support your B2B PR campaigns with our newsroom services and free your team to concentrate on value-adding work.

B2B Press Office

We provide a perfect fame building B2B public relations interface between you and the media. We’ll field questions, manage requests for interviews and quotes, take care of demo stock and promotional items and distribute releases, white papers, opinion articles and much more. All of which frees your team to execute your lead generation campaigns.

Our understanding of your target B2B media outlets helps us to identify where in each outlets’ editorial calendar best fits with your story and messages. Working with you and collaborating with the journalist we can help to shape the story to reflect your skills and expertise.

We work with the key teams in your business to create a list of the topics and themes that you want your customers to know about. We’ll work with you to identify the messages that you need to get across. We also look at the best channels, formats and media to bring these to the fore, producing integrated full-flood fame building B2B public relations campaigns rather than one-splash wonders.

We can’t always rely on story-hooks and editorial calendars to help us connect with a journalist; more often than not we have to pitch to your target B2B media, to give them ideas for stories and features. It’s not an easy job, but it’s something that we thrive on.

As you’d expect, press releases are a part of our services. We take a different approach to writing them. First we look at the story with you to see if it is ‘news’ (if it isn’t we’ll soon let you know) and how best to talk about it. Then we’ll write the release like a finished news article – to increase the chances of pick-up.

As well as developing your standard B2B press kit (things like executive bios, imagery, brochures etc.) we also develop press kits to support your investment in activities such as B2B trade shows, market research, white papers and much more. We also develop background research packs to ensure that you are part of the conversation by supporting journalists while they are developing stories and features.

Famous Brands Sell More For More​

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B2B PR Campaigns

High-impact B2B PR Awareness Campaigns

Build your B2B brand through strategic storytelling and media relations that elevates your brand’s profile and authority in the industry.

Use compelling messages that resonate with your most important targets to significantly grow brand visibility, reputation and trust.

Leverage a carefully constructed long-lasting PR platform and integrated multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns that deliver your brand story clearly and consistently to your target market.

Your Deliverables

  • Strategy services
  • Campaign ideation
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Campaign creatives
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting

B@B Thought Leadership PR

B2B Thought Leadership Campaigns

 We’ll increase increase visibility and preference for your brand amongst your target stakeholders by standing your company up as the thought leader and opinion former in your industry.

By showcasing your company’s knowledge, insight and expertise through the channels and media most likely to appeal to your audience we will establish your company as the go-to expert in your industry.

This will influence prospects in your pipeline, aid in retention and establish your longer-term brand fame for the 95% of your customers who are out-of-market.

Your Deliverables

  • Audience Insights
  • SMART objective setting
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Topic and theme selection
  • Media & channel selection
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Content Research & production
  • Content creation
  • Spokesperson briefing
  • Talking points
  • Analytics and reporting

B2B PR Analyst and Influencer Relations

Integrated AIR Campaigns

We don’t treat analyst and influencer relations as an afterthought to PR campaigns. We identify the most important analysts and influencers for your brand and initiate and grow relationships so that your product is included in their opinions and analyses.

Our innovative analyst and influencer relations (AIR) programmes are fully integrated with your wider brand, communications & promotion campaigns to deliver value to sales, marketing and brand campaigns.

Your Deliverables

  • Analyst and influencer research
  • Perception audits
  • Strategic counsel
  • Bespoke ongoing AIR campaign
  • Developing research and report partnerships
  • Briefings, roadshows & roundtables
  • Interview and participation support

International B2B PR Campaigns

High-impact International B2B PR Awareness Campaigns

Build your B2B brand in geographies in which you already have success.

Working with local partners we will co-ordinate your EMEA B2B PR strategy and campaigns to ensure maximum relevance in each country, through strategic storytelling and media relations that elevates your brand’s profile and authority in your segment.

Using compelling localised messages that resonate with your most important stakeholders to significantly grow brand recall, visibility, reputation and trust.

Leverage a carefully constructed long-lasting PR platform that provides consistency – with local nuances – across all of your geographies and integrated multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns that deliver your brand story clearly and consistently to your target market.

Your Deliverables

  • Strategy services
  • Campaign ideation
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Campaign creatives
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting
  • Cross-border co-ordination

International B2B PR Campaigns

International Market Entry B2B Campaigns

Enter your next European market with the confidence that your PR plan is the right one for the market.

Develop a localised strategy that takes into account your new targeting, competitors, stakeholders and personas as well as customer journeys. Build a carefully nuanced distinctiveness plan that reflects local culture.

Target the right media and influences with a carefully designed B2B PR campaign based on thoughtfully chosen messages that are in harmony with your overall international brand and marketing plans.

Then measure carefully with rigorous media monitoring and brand impact assessment.

Your Deliverables

  • Strategy services
  • Localised distinctiveness plan
  • Campaign ideation
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Campaign creatives
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign & media monitoring and reporting
  • Brand impact assessment

International B2B PR Campaigns

Managing your European B2B PR Agencies

International organisations with a small or even no PR team often need support to manage their growing roster of European PR agencies.

Our experience in managing pan-european B2B PR campaigns and agencies ensures that you maximise regional expertise, cultural understanding and local media relationships while ensuring brand consistency.

Plus we will manage segmentation and targeting, performance and budgets on your behalf.

Your Deliverables

  • Campaign transcreation
  • Campaign localisation
  • Preparation of briefs
  • Performance management
  • Budget management
  • Newsroom co-ordination
  • Monitoring and reporting

B2B PR Events and Experiences

Create engrossing Brand Experiences

B2B PR events, ranging from industry conferences, webinars, roundtables to trade shows, are powerful platforms for brand building and networking. They are invaluable opportunities for direct engagement with key stakeholders, including potential clients, industry influencers, and media. Through face-to-face interactions, B2B PR events demonstrate your expertise, products and services in a personalised and impactful manner.

As a stage for thought leadership, B2B PR events let you address current trends, challenges, and innovations within your industry. This enhances brand visibility and establishes credibility and trust.

From event ideation, through planning to logistics and delivery Vox Publica can help you to create events that build awareness and authority for your brand.

Your Deliverables

  • Event ideation
  • Event design
  • Event logistics
  • Event promotion
  • Post-event asset promotion and distribution

Social Media B2B PR Campaigns

Social media audit

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your social media campaigns. Identify areas for improvement, capitalise on strengths, and align your social media strategy with your overall goals.

Your Deliverables

  • Brand compliance
  • Audience analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content evaluation
  • Platform effectiveness assessment

Social Media B2B PR Campaigns

Social media planning

A fully integrated social media plan will magnify your B2B PR campaigns as well as your brand building and lead generation campaigns. Deliver consistent messaging, enhance your positioning and distribute your content more widely and extend the reach of your promotional actions.

Your Deliverables

  • Goals, objectives and engagement policy
  • Audience targeting
  • Channel and platform selection
  • Content planning & calendar development
  • Influencer alignment & collaboration
  • Social advertising and promotion
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Evaluation and optimisation

Social Media B2B PR Campaigns

Social Media activation

Spark interest, inspire engagement, and motivate customers to take meaningful actions. Motivate customer engagement with content, discussions and event attendance. Convert their engagement into tangible outcomes that enhance your brand and generate leads.

Your Deliverables

  • Content generation and distribution
  • Influencer relations
  • Social media event support
  • Social media amplification
  • Social advocacy
  • User-generated content

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