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9 Ways Vox Publica PR helps to grow your business

We Enhance Awareness of your brand

by increasing your brand's visibility
By securing media placements, thought leadership articles and mentions in industry-related news, we can significantly boost your visibility among potential customers, partners and industry influencers.

We Increase Your Credibility

by building your reputation as a credible and trustworthy leader in your field
Through consistent, positive media coverage and the sharing of insightful, expert content, we will build your reputation and influenced your customers by building trust and expertise.

We Build your Industry Leadership

by amplifying your industry leadership voice
We will position your company as a leading voice in your industry. By tactics such as sharing insights, trends and research that are valuable to influencers and customers we will elevate your standing in your industry.

We Generate Leads and Sales

by making sure you are front of mind when your customers are ready to buy
Reaching customers through targeted industry media & campaigns keeps them engaged until they are ready to buy. Our PR campaigns directly contributes to the sales pipeline and supports broader marketing and sales strategies.

We make you stand out in a world of bland brands

by making you different and distinctive
In competitive B2B markets, being distinctive and different is essential. We'll highlight your uniqueness your innovations and your successes. We'll differentiate you from competitors and capture the attention of your target customers & stakeholders

We Improve your online presence

by producing SEO optimised PR content
We generate media coverage and online content to contribute to a stronger online presence and better search engine optimisation (SEO). The links that result will drive traffic to your company’s website and improve its search engine ranking, making it more visible to potential clients.

We engage your stakeholders

by talking to them about things they care about
Positive and consistent visibility attracts the attention and boosts the interest of customers, distributors, partners, analysts and investors. You'll open up opportunities for growth, expansion and investment.

We engage your customers throughout their buying cycle

by producing & distributing valuable content
We create and distribute valuable content that resonates with your target audiences at every stage of their buying cycle. We produce white papers, case studies, industry reports, opinion pieces and blog posts & sweat them across media, channels and formats.

We make you attractive to new Talent

by creating brand appeal
A strong presence & reputation not only attracts customers and partners but also top talent. We'll make your company more appealing to potential employees, aiding in recruitment efforts and building a stronger team.
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About Us

Vox Publica was founded by Ivor Morgan, a 40 year marketing veteran,  to bring a new approach to B2B public relations.

Based on his experiences in B2B marketing strategy, public relations, brand management and lead generation, Vox Publica works with clients to produce long-term brand building and short-term sales impact.

Vox Publica ensures that PR is no longer a standalone discipline but one that works to deliver every aspect of your business, brand, marketing & sales strategies.

Why Choose Us

Over 40-years of experience across multiple B2B sectors and markets brings real-world experience to your team

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“I consider myself very lucky to have been able to work with Ivor. I really appreciate the balance he was able to bring between support, encouragement and challenge.”
Technology Platform Vendor
“Having worked with Ivor I was struck by his attention to detail, his deep understanding of our market and importantly our position and aspirations in the marketplace. Ivor was also able to navigate between departments avoiding the politics, getting everybody on board and getting the job done. ”
eCommerce Platform Vendor
“Ivor always provided clear, delivery focused, input, but was also interested in listening to counterpoint arguments and general discussion. His style, whilst direct, is always delivered with good humour that acts to both actively engage and motivate our team.It was a real personal development experience and a pleasure working with him.”
Practice Management Software Vendor

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