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What is thought leadership? It's the proven antidote to ...

’Famine or feast’ sales pipelines
Increasing marketing costs
Ineffective account-based marketing
Content that customers don’t see
Unproductive PR and advertising
Poor conversion rates
Growing customer churn
Not being the preferred brand
No-one knowing your name, what you do or why you matter

Does thought leadership really work?


of buyers say thought leadership builds credibility when entering a new category
Thought leadership helps you to build trust and credibility when entering a new category


of buyers say that thought leadership builds awareness for a new or little-known brand
If you are new to the market, thought leadership helps to raise awareness of your product


of buyers say thought leadership is important for new and small companies if they are to compete
Thought leadership increases your chances of being considered if you are a small or new brand entering a market


of buyers say thought leadership led them to discover and buy from a company that was not a leader
If you are not currently considered a market leader, thought leadership increases your ability to compete with bigger brands


of buyers say thought leadership significantly changed the perception of a company for the better
Thought leadership helps you to position your brand, changes perceptions and create differentiation and distinctiveness


of buyers say that thought leadership content is a more trustworthy basis for assessing capabilities and competency
Thought leadership has more impact on customers at the consideration stage than sales or marketing material alone


of buyers say that thought leadership is important for drawing attention to topics that news media rarely cover
Newsroom redundancies and business failure rates in the media sector have made securing coverage challenging. Thought leadership brings meaningful issues to the fore


of buyers say that thought leadership provides proof of ability to understand and solve business challenges
Thought leadership creates perceptions of capability and competence. It even creates to belief that you can solve a customers unique challenges


of a B2B purchasing decision happens before buyers engage with vendors
Thought leadership increases the chances that you are included on the longest of potential suppliers


of buyers prefer digital self-serve in the early stages of their buying process
Face time with customers is happening later in the sales cycle than ever before. Thought leadership establishes your products and services before you get with customers


of C-suite executives say they are consuming more thought leadership than previously
Thought leadership puts your voice in front of your customer's decision makers.

What thought leadership brings you

Higher quality leads at a lower cost

Predictable marketing funnels

Improved conversion rates

Shorter sales-cycles and fluid sales pipelines

More effective sales activation

Productive account-based marketing

Lower discounts and higher margins

Improved customer retention

Greater brand equity and value

Three people from a famous brand ride in an open-top car in a ticker tape parade along a city street. A crowd of people is cheering their thought leadership.

Who are you?

Your expertise is in technology that you sell into the business, education, built environment, infrastructure or healthcare sectors.

You’ve tried sales activation, advertising and PR campaigns. You’ve come to realise that they aren’t enough on their own.

Now you want a better approach.

It’s time to increase your sales, profitability and brand equity by building your brand fame.

Who are we?

We are Vox Publica. We specialise in thought leadership for B2B tech companies.

Our name means ‘public voice’. 

We chose it for our thought leadership agency because we know that companies with a powerful, far-reaching voice have the key to a valuable and successful business.

Our goal is simple: to make your brand famous.

Because famous brands sell more, for more, to more customers, more often.

A drawing of two women and three men in a conference room discussing a thought leadership strategy that is being presented on a digital screen

How we build your brand fame

We work with you to deliver thought leadership campaigns that make you famous

You’ll achieve this in three ways:

1 - Strategy

Making sure your thought leadership matters to your stakeholders

2 - Awareness

Making sure that they know about it

3 - Salience

Making sure that they never forget it

How we make thought leadership happen

Through years of experience we’ve developed a proven framework for helping you to develop and deliver your thought leadership.

It makes strategy, awareness and salience a reality for you.

It’s called The FameFrame™

The FameFrame™

True thought leadership provides positive challenges to your customers to think differently.

Through issues research and qualitative interviews, we identify a set of strong core customer themes that align with your business and marketing strategy.

This thought leadership platform, which you will come to own, positions you as a leader on the issues that resonate with your customers.

Establishing your thought leadership takes at least a year of concentrated effort. 

Together we’ll create an annual plan and budget for your campaign targeting three to four key themes. This will cover media, formats and channels for your multi-touch campaign.

Weekly calls, virtual monthly meetings and quarterly face-to-face meetings will keep everything on track.

During the research phase you’ll learn how your customers want to consume your thought leadership and the channels that they prefer.

Our network of talented creatives cover every discipline including design, copy, events, surveys, video and much much more.

Which means that your thought leadership campaigns will be  tightly integrated, engaging and high-quality.

The most insightful thought leadership is worth nothing unless your customers know about it. 

We deliver multi-touch, cross channel campaigns that get your content in front of customers, the media, analysts and influencers.

We also look for ways to make your thought leadership assets sweat for you by repurposing them into new formats and channels.

True thought leadership needs consistent delivery through all of your customer-facing channels. 

We back up each campaign with sales enablement materials for use in pitch decks, presentations, prospecting emails, interviews, proposals and more.

Measuring the effectiveness of your thought leadership campaign helps to identify what needs to change and where you should double-down.

We’ll carry out brand equity research at the start of the project and after 12-months to measure how far your brand fame has grown.

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